Monday, August 18, 2008

Gosh...It's Been Awhile!

I knew it had been awhile since I'd posted a blog, but I had no idea it had been THAT long!

Basically, we had started looking for a new location for Katherine's Cottage last year, found a location, then squeezed 10 months of renovations into 1 month to open in time for last year's holiday season!

The good news is that we've been happily located at the new location (1360 E. First Avenue) for nearly a year! The bad news (well, there really is no bad news here) is that I've been so busy ever since we moved that I've hardly had time to sit and think, much less blog.

If you haven't stopped by to see the new store, now is a good time--we're chock full of great products going into the holiday selling season. Plus, you should just stop by and say hello; most of my old customers moved with us, but a few are still AWOL and I'd love to see them too!

The big events coming up right now are the 7th Anniversary Sale (starts September 4th, 2008) and the Make Your Own Baby Doll days (October 18th and 24th). We were also planning a Half-Blood Prince Harry Potter party, but with the movie moved to next summer, we are a bit in limbo with those plans (stay tuned...we are still expecting delivery of our Snape and Kreacher figures by Tonner Dolls any minute!)

And, of course we are still your number ONE location for Webkinz in Chico.

If you are an online customer, we've improved plenty of things on as well.

And, if you are curious to know more about me beyond that of a shop owner and doll expert, then please visit my MySpace page, and be sure to add me as a friend! You might be surprised at what you find there!

My best to all my friends, customers, and assorted hangers-on...Denise

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