Sunday, April 30, 2006

Welcome To All Our New Online Store and eBay Customers!

I'm not sure exactly why, but Katherine's Cottage online and Katherine's Cottage of Dolls on eBay have really expanded in 2006. Of course, we also continue to get new customers in our bricks and mortar store, but the pace has been greater online. Whatever the reason, thank you!

At Katherine's Cottage, we pride ourselves on personal service. Please always feel free to pick up the phone if you have a question, or if you would rather order by speaking to a real, live person!

As for the new dolls that we've gotten so far in 2006, they are truly spectacular. Tonner Dolls continues to evolve to bring you the best of fashion dolls, and Madame Alexander dolls seem to get cuter and cuter each year. Plus, Marie Osmond Dolls is celebrating their 15th anniversary this year, and the quality and quantity of the dolls from this company is exceptional for 2006. We also can't wait to get our first Himstedt dolls in this year, all dressed for their wedding in Atlantis!

As for special events, look for our annual Adora Make Your Own Baby Doll days, Madame Alexander day, and much more.


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