Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Its Summer! Can Conventions be too far behind?

I can hardly believe that summer is already here! Spring was a very busy time in the doll shop, with Mother's Day and also with many doll pre-orders being delivered for customers from Robert Tonner, Effanbee, Madame Alexander and Ashton Drake. I've been traveling quite a bit, so mea culpa on the neglect I've given this poor blog. In about a month, I've been to Las Vegas, Seattle, Lake Tahoe, San Francisco, Las Vegas get the idea. Some of the travel has been to promote my new book, the Official Price Guide to Dolls, which has been fantastic. I've had a great reception to the book.

In the shop, we are finally getting the new, lovely Annette Himstedt dolls in, good portions (as mentioned) of the Robert Tonner line, new Only Hearts Club dolls, and just truckloads of the beautiful 2005 Madame Alexander dolls as well. Sometimes I think the back of my store is like a clown car--I don't know how all the dolls keep fitting in!

If you're going to eBay Live! In two weeks, look for me! I'll be the very harried curly-haired human with my store shipping department (husband) in tow. In July, I'll be at the UFDC Doll convetion in Philadelphia, and you can meet me at the Publisher's preview on Thursday night.

If you haven't checked out my Doll Collecting at page lately, don't miss it--we have tons of new content up about dolls in the last few months

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